Warid Speed Test | Test Your Speed

Warid is popular GSM Company with great numbers of customers because of its services with better and complete packages service. Warid is also second most famous 4G network in Pakistan, it provide a great speed with most of coverage areas. It internet speed became slow due to some technical issues like tower coverage and hilly areas have low coverage rate and people face problems in low coverage areas.

It is a benefit that Warid offers some cheaper packages with comparing to the other GSM companies. Warid offers GSM, HSPA+, and LTE based mobile services within Pakistan and internationally.

Internet Speed of Warid

Warid 4G LTE Speeds remain steady and usually floated with best Mbps throughout the Islamabad and got peaked in some areas.  Warid has best speed internet, but there is always a conflict between internet services provider and speed test systems. Sometime this issue create problem due to low coverage. This is because of the service provider software which will work on specific condition. In this regard, third person opinion might be consider final either its working in well condition or not. We believe that this speed test will be based as unbiased and neutral level and services provider should never know about this check system, this is also in favour of company. It is also a phenomenon that when service providers host their own speed tests they eliminate some variables which shows a false result but in favour of company.

Why Check a Speed Test for Warid Telecom

Our website is providing a best solution for speed test by providing the online most reliable free of cost speed test for your Warid connection either its 4G, HSPA+ or LTE. This tool will help you to check the speed for package which you are offered by Warid and it’s totally based with real result. To check your speed it’s very simple by clicking the start button showed on the page. It will generate a report for your downloading/uploading speed with some formal details like ping of your internet connection.