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Internet speed is a main factor when you choose the broadband company. Internet companies estimate you to provide the best internet speed. Ptcl Internet speed is normally measured in MBs/Mbps. Ptcl speed test is rate at which you can check the downloading and streaming speed of your internet.

Actual internet speed is always less then internet provider communicated at the time of connection. Ptcl speed test provides you the best tool to check you internet speed test ptcl. We can provide you all the basic information e.g ping rate, internet downloading speed and internet uploading speed.

With the name of broadband one thing is came in our mind that is PTCL. PTCL is the one of the leading firm in Pakistan for internet/broadband and telephone. Internet speed is the main factor while you choose any broadband option. Most of the internet companies quoted the speed as to their packages and use speed option as the key part of marketing campaigns. Internet speed is measured Mbps, which stands for Megabits; and internet performance is measured as to its download and upload speeds.

Download And Upload Speed

Download and upload speed is the measurement rate through which a file, image or video stream from any website and app like youtube, dailymotion etc. During your video streaming or listening online music or watching a party watch online and facing issue of speed; this is from your service provider.

PTCL was established since 67 years ago and started its operation with telephone connection and become a leading company today providing several types of services which includes broadband TV system, telephone, internet and other wireless devices with best quality of internet without any interruption. PTCL is also improving on daily basis and adopt new and latest procedure for customer care, network services and developing best software, human resource on different segmentations because PTCL is striving for getting better in this competitive market situation.

Most of the companies have less speed packages or they guide wrong in marketing campaign regarding the packages and speed. But there are several app and web pages like Okla speed test and our website to check the speed test ptcl limit of your connection with all the information with a generated report for ping rate, download speed and upload speed.

ptcl speed test

Ptcl Unlimited internet provides the best uploading and downloading speed. Ptcl providing his services to 200+ cities. Ptcl provides Upto 100 Mbps speed.