Wateen is a good dependable internet services provider for organization and individuals all over the Pakistan. Wateen Telecom provide complete service of internet, multimedia and other portable services with cheap packages.

Our website provides an easy and simple method for clearance of the speed issue by checking the Wateen speed test as well multimedia services which is running through internet. Our speed test provides the sequence network parameters with accurate measurement. By clicking this Start button you will see a generated report for following options;

Ping (Delay Timings) is theprocedure which shows average data is transmitting from server and its returning time.

Downloading Speed this is the procedure through which a certain period downloading speed is measured. This also concludes the quality of online videos streaming.

Upload speed it work same like downloading, and work for uploading of any image, video and webpage etc. (data sent) and show you the details in Mbps for upload through Wateen speed test.

Check: Ptcl Speed Test

Necessity of Speed Test for Wateen

Every internet services provider sell its product by showing a powerful advertisement, But when you purchase any type of services you should know complete features of the required service. Same like that our website provides the tool to check the speed of Wateen internet and broadband service.

There are many website available for checking the speed test of Wateen or internet services provider, even Wateen also provide the Speed test on there webite. But most of them are not accurate as compare to our Wateen Speed Test tool. It will show a complete report with all the required section in an easy and simple way.