Evo Charji Speed Test | Test Your CharJi Speed

EvoCharji is the product of PTCL and facilitating a best internet speed. PTCL is the leading broadband company in Pakistan regarding internet service. EvoCharji is the best and powerfull product of PTCL. PTCL has different type of products for internet service like EVO 3G/4G internet devices, wingle, Evo Charji etc.

Because of EVoCharji and other products for internet PTCL is also becoming popular day by day in Pakistan with time elapsed. The EVO devices have limited data bundle packages with super-fast speedof internet as compared to other devices.

charJi speed test

PTCL-EvoCharji also providing the tool to check the speed test of evo-charjidevices, which will determine the actual internet speed of your Evodevice. Though you have no need to check your device for speed test but comparing result with other services provider is good to know the downloading/uploadingand data transmission. If you want to check the speed or trying for speed test of your device you need to follow the instruction;

  • All background apps, video streaming, uploading, downloading needs to closedwhich may use data.
  • Disconnect all the device using your device data for accurate result.
  • Your router should be updated.

Our website is providing a free service for Evocharjispeed test and its one click far from your finger, click the “Start” button, a report will create within a minute with a small screen. This check will concludethe speed of incoming and outgoing data with ping report.